thank goodness for nancy

February 1st, 2011

Oh Nancybird, i have a lot to thank you for.

Is it just me, or is 2011 VERY hard to get into? I need newness, I need things to sigh and rejoice over, I need more time, more energy, more pizazz! Come on - bring it!

And she did. Nancybird’s new range is of course, amazing. You know i gush and get all gooey over her wares every season, so I have nothing more to say but thank you muchly Nancybird, for bringing that pizazz I’ve been looking for. 2011 is looking up! Rejoice!

Mini Me

January 23rd, 2011

So before Christmas I emailed a link to little pinwheel to my husband in the hope of receiving some of my favourite Saltwater Sandals in shiny yellow please!

I’ll admit a package arrived a few days later and yes I did have a little sticky beak at the envelope and the sender was little pinwheel. I came screaming into the shop to let Maddy know yes, they’re on their way to me! My beloved sunshine yellow’s!

So imagine my surprise upon opening up this gorgeous box on Christmas morning when I discovered the lovely yellow sandals in a childrens size 8, not adults. I did spend a little while on the floor I must admit, I could not stop laughing. Poor man, he had no idea what had happened as they had come already wrapped up beautifully so he hadn’t even laid eyes on them.

they were about this big…


Thank goodness Hayley is so lovely and swapped them immediately and this is what they now look like, and I LOVE them with all my heart. Mac is not so impressed as you can see.


Big News

January 16th, 2011

Ok, so this is BIG news…. super ace big.

Yikes, where are my manners first of all, apologies - let me start again. Happy new year, and how was the christmas? Ours was fantabulous, a big 3 weeks break and I’m feeling ready to rock. Hope you had some kind of break too?

So, ok we’ve done the formalities. Good good.

Now the news - we are opening again tomorrow for 2011 - that’s monday 17th January. And we are on sale, and I mean BIG sale. The biggest in the history of Mac Pelican in fact. Some things are half price. Indeedy. You know that nancybird bag you’ve been dreaming of - Come get it! 40% off! And those bone china owl and rabbit lamps - come on down! 30% off! And the Elk wallet and bags and jewellery - Go on! 30% off those too…. Polli eco decorations - Sure! 50% off! And bag loads more.

Like Franco Cozzo says “Grand Sale, Grand Sale, Grand Sale”…. and you wouldn’t argue with Franco.