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Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Morning Sunday!

Three cheers for Sunday Morning Designs! Hooray! They’ve wowed me once again.

Check out these beautiful new cards just arrived from our lovely, talented friends over in Collingwood. I think i may have a crush on the chicken.

You may remember me raving on about them overĀ here a while ago. And yes, we also have some BRAND NEW scarves from Sunday Morning too - and they are honestly my favourite’s so far. Come to think of it, ’so far’ is a BIG statement, because that means 18 months. Yep, the best I’ve seen in 18 months - and I see a lot. Wow, we’re coming up to 2 years at Mac Pelican.

Anyway, back to my point - which was, Sunday Morning Designs are ace and I love them! And so will you…..

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make mine a triple

Mac Pelican has just received these beautiful vases from our japanese friends Zakkaya - and we loves them BIG time! I must admit, I already own the triple vase - bought at a magnolia square market a while back now. They house my little home grown rosebuds beautifully. (when they are actually growing that is)

They also make the single vase, the insanely cute card holders, as well as these rubber stamps sets. The wooden finish looks beautiful in the store, and they are just so japanese and cute, and neat and perfect.

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

It wasn’t a Rock

It was a Rock Lobster….

yes I’m showing my age and quoting B52’s - but oh my, what a classic song huh?

So that brings me to this. These super new wall hangings by local Geelong outfit Ballyhoo Art. Choose from my favourite, Rock Lobster or the oh so lovely, and oh so glamorous, Penny Peacock (who is actually this beautiful deep navy colour - I love navy). Hand made in Australia and hand painted - such crafty coolness for your walls!

They also distribute these gorgeous cards from Schmook - as seen in the lovely Frankie Mag.

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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