Friday, February 25, 2011

Humph Time….

It’s humph time at Mac Pelican. You know that time in between being on sale and waiting for brand sparkly exciting new stock to start coming in?  A little friend of mine (who shall remain nameless Coco), often declares she’s feeling floppy and humphy - I couldn’t describe the feeling better myself!

Well, we’re in it. And you know it - the amount of customers itching for new gear to lay their hands on is craaazy! Don’t worry peeps, we’re onto it!

There is new stock slowly slowly trickling in - Nancybird has just arrived today. Yes today! Maddy is busy making it look beautiful as always, (which isn’t hard with nancybird as you all know), and then there is Elk - I can’t tell you how excited I am about Elk - so much fabulous-ness!  And Ella Sanders scarves and Made 590’s totally quirky off the wall pieces,  and a couple of little surprises and sneaky new things which I am yet to unveil.

So stay tuned, and stay patient!

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