Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini Me

So before Christmas I emailed a link to little pinwheel to my husband in the hope of receiving some of my favourite Saltwater Sandals in shiny yellow please!

I’ll admit a package arrived a few days later and yes I did have a little sticky beak at the envelope and the sender was little pinwheel. I came screaming into the shop to let Maddy know yes, they’re on their way to me! My beloved sunshine yellow’s!

So imagine my surprise upon opening up this gorgeous box on Christmas morning when I discovered the lovely yellow sandals in a childrens size 8, not adults. I did spend a little while on the floor I must admit, I could not stop laughing. Poor man, he had no idea what had happened as they had come already wrapped up beautifully so he hadn’t even laid eyes on them.

they were about this big…


Thank goodness Hayley is so lovely and swapped them immediately and this is what they now look like, and I LOVE them with all my heart. Mac is not so impressed as you can see.


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