Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 12 days of Christmas

So anyway, I had grand plans of doing this whole 12 days of Christmas thing on the blog… You know I was going to count down 12 days before xmas, doing a new post each day with 12 new and amazingly, wonderful products with hilarious and witty comments. But did I? No I did not.

Nope, you didn’t see anything did you? You didn’t laugh yourself silly at my wit and humour did you? Nup.

Because I have done nothing accept wrap wrap wrap myself silly. And not in the MC Hammer way…. even though I’m quite good at that too. It’s been a fabulous few weeks of total and utter chaos really. And I’ve loved every second.

So in brief, here are some of my favourite things (running with the whole Oprah theme of late) for Christmas.

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