Monday, July 5, 2010

My Mother Mabel

Everytime I think of the Tasmanian outfit, ‘My Mother Mabel’ I sort of giggle, because Mabel is my grandma’s name. And no offence grandma, but I have never related your name to anything remotely cool, let alone cutting edge. Until now that is.

My Mother Mabel is all about tasmanian handmade cool. Their plywood jewellery is handcut, sanded, polished, oiled, painted and glossed, and loved all in the land of Tassie. They also make ultra cool laser cut acrylic jewels too. Check them out! They are on their way across the Tasman as we speak, and landing in store very soon!

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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