Friday, June 4, 2010

Lovely Mosey

Some of you would have met the lovely Maddy who works here on Fridays and Saturdays by now. Did you know she makes the mobiles and blankeys that Mac Pelican sell, under her label Made by Mosey? Probably not, because she is far too humble to tell anyone when they admire them. Well she does make them.

If I had that talent I’d be shouting it to anyone that would listen. “Yes, that’s right I MADE THESE MYSELF! Yes me! I know, I’m fairly amazing, I agree!”

I was very lucky on Tuesday because Maddy not only bought in her brand new (never seen before) Kite mobile - don’t you love it? And a new blue cloud, as well as the new stars and moon mobile. And don’t forget those hankey blankeys people! But she also bought in 2 mini orange and poppyseed cakes for afternoon tea. One for me, one for mum. Yes I shared. And they were delish.

You can read more about Maddy’s adventures here on her blog

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