Monday, April 19, 2010


These simply amazing candles by Kobo are the brain child of founder Junko Kobori. Originally from Japan, Junko has travelled the world before settling in down town New York. And it’s from here that these pure soy beauties were born.

First stop - the Packaging. Well you can see for yourself surely? It’s totally awesome and bewdiful (as they say in new york).

Second stop - the Smell. Come on in and prove me wrong. It’s incredible. Fresh, warm, inviting and not too overbearing.

Third stop - the Wax. Made from domestically grown sustainable soy beans. They’re not only made using environmentally friendly materials, but they don’t pollute the home either. Well we can’t ask for better than that.

Can we?

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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