Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Farmhouse or Seaside?

Where would you like to go? Undecided? Go to both - it’s easy with these stamp sets.

Ok, so maybe you don’t really want to sit at the kitchen table stamping and colouring in seaside and farmhouse scenes, but your children might, or your grandchildren? Or you might want to seal an envelope with a sailing boat, or put a few kanga’s on a card? Really, you can do whatever you like.

Each one of these stamps is locally designed and illustrated, then printed onto stamps and ‘rubberised’ (that was my word, not theirs). Timber is then locally sourced and prepared to mount the stamps onto and once this is done, the material for each bag are sourced, sewn and packed together with a gorgeous letterpress card to seal the deal. Thanks Two Degrees in Melbourne - what a champion effort, donchyathink? All local, all recycled, and totally ace and unique stamps.


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