Monday, January 25, 2010

Lark Kookaburra Lark

We were among some very lucky punters who went to see the brilliant author, David Sedaris at the Arts Centre last week.

And lordy lordy did we laugh. Until our sides split. He read one of my favourite stories to us, about a trip he made to Daylesford on his last Australian visit. (Bear with me here dear readers, this will eventually make sense)..

So after a most hilarious journey, he ended up hand feeding a kookaburra (that he was scared stiff of) at The Lakehouse while having lunch there in Daylesford. He then went on to tell how he and his sister had learnt the song, Laugh Kookaburra Laugh at school in their younger years. Having no real idea at all about what any of it meant, they sung and sung and sung.

Which brings me to my next point. I have just this very moment received new items from Lark - in Daylesford…… ┬áSee the way I did that there - I managed to talk up my favourite David Sedaris while incorporating Lark and the fact that they’re from Daylesford and threw in a little kookaburra magic, just because it all ties in beautifully with his story. ┬áSee?

So come and meet little Lambie, Mrs Duck, Daisy Donkey and the little gnome rattles - they’re all very nice.

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