Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just call me the KKK

The Kris Kringle Krusader that is.

I know I know, you’ve got a budget of $20 to buy a kris kringle present for someone you barely know at work. You’ve emailed their co-worker - “yes, I guess they drink tea” they say, “No, I don’t know what their house looks like”, “I guess they’d like soap”?…. “um, have no ideas really, sorry”. When your colleagues let you down, I step in. Here i go.

Everything you see in these fabulously professional photos is $20 or less. No I’m not lying. $20 or less. Take your pick. Would Kevin in accounts like some tea? Sure he would! Perhaps Mabel from IT is into pottery - she’d love a little milk jug. And Brian from the mailroom - we hear he likes to bake shortbread and scones when he’s not sorting envelopes. Done!

And maybe you need a gift for your children’s flock of teachers? Add them to this list I tell you!

More amazing ideas to follow……

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