Friday, November 20, 2009

Sending the love

Whether we’re ready for it or not, Christmas is upon us. Yes it is. And it’s time to start sending your christmas love.

Come on, get out that list and start thinking of new and interesting ways to say Merry Christmas to your nearest and dearest. You could list every member of your family’s greatest achievements for the year, or make some of them up. Or tell your wacky aunt you hope she and her 12 cats are doing well this silly season. Or tell that long distant friend that you never see from one year to the next, that ‘we should catch up in the new year’. You know the drill…..

This lovely collection of Christmas cards might just help - Our lovely new range from our latest card crush, Elly Oak, as well as the clever Poppies for Grace gals. And the xmas tags are the best - 18 tags in a box (for only $25) - surely that will get you into the spirit!

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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