Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The F Bomb

F is for Frankie. And boy oh boy do we heart Frankie Magazine! A lot.

If you don’t read Frankie, start! It is by far my all time favourite mag on the whole entire planet. I even have the process down pat, once it arrives in the mail, I will not, will not, open it until I am settled, sitting and drinking tea. I must be well and truly ready for it. And I must have a spare hour or so to devour every single tiny, lovely detail. This is Frankie Time.

And now our favourites at Frankie have produced this super gorgeous afternoon tea recipe book. Full of the most delicious photos and recipes you ever did see. Now my friends can tell you, I am no cook. But this makes me want to don my apron and pick up that wooden spoon and be all nanna like and warm and cosy eating homemade cakes. Delish!

Like this product? You can order by email or phone (03) 9818 8805.

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